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Roof Repair Services

Roof Replacement Services

If you need roof repairs in Dade City, FL, call Roofing RX. We will fix your metal, tile, shingle, or flat roof for your residence, business, or mobile home. For high-quality work and materials, affordable prices, and honest workmanship, we are your best choice for roof repair services in the Tampa area.

Many times you cannot avoid roof damage, but having early roof repair services will prevent the damage from getting worse or causing water problems in your home.

Dade City Roof Repair Services

Call Roofing RX for roof repair services large or small. We will send someone to check out the damage and find out what caused it. With 30 years of experience in the roofing trade, we can spot problems that were not evident and make sure that repairs are thorough and professional.
We will be happy to explain exactly what kind of roof damage you have, why you have it, and precisely what needs to be done to fix it. We will make sure with our roof repair services that your problem does not recur and that you know what to do to help protect your roof in the future. We have had satisfied customers for years because of our attention to detail, expert workmanship, and honest dealings with everyone on every roof repair project. We have been repairing roofs in the Tampa area for more than 30 years and take pride in every job that we do.

Reroofing Services

There are times when roof repair is not possible. This may be because of the extent of the damage or it can be because of how long the problem was left unattended. In either case, you will need your roof replaced right away and certainly before the next Gulf Coast storm. We are always happy to provide a free estimate for roof repair or replacement. And, we will help you decide which materials to use for your new roof and do a professional job to help you protect your home. Contact us for your free estimate for either roof repair services or reroofing by calling (813) 509-6190 or (813) 781-4149.



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