New Construction

New Construction

New Construction

A major factor in the quality of a building project is new construction roofing. Professional installation with proper planning and competent execution of all stages is a key factor in the overall success of any construction project. For the best new construction roofing from Tampa to Orlando is Roofing Rx in Dade City. Started with the intent of bringing honesty and integrity to the roofing business, Roofing Rx does every job as though they were working on their own homes.
New construction roofing needs to be done correctly from the very beginning and at every step along the way. If you have a roofing contractor who skips a step or misses a seemingly minor detail, you will see major issues down the line. Especially in Florida, an improperly done roof will let water into the building and cause expensive and lasting damage. Sometimes the damage caused by leakage from a badly done roof cannot be repaired.
Even when the roof is sound enough to keep water out of the building, drainage design issues can cause water to stand and the weight and moisture will damage the roof itself shortening its life.

New Construction Roofing in the State of Florida

New construction roofing in Florida always faces challenges that are unique to our climate. The threat of frequent hurricanes means that the roof needs to be sound and be able to stand up to winds in the 140 miles per hour range for a class four storm. You want your new construction roofing to be professionally installed so that it will withstand the Florida weather and remain watertight no matter how much it rains or how hard the wind blows.

Hot sunshine, UV light, and salty air are other issues for Florida roofing. You need a contractor who uses the right materials and protective coatings so that your roof is protected against the elements and will last. The salt issue is especially important the nearer your home is to the Gulf Coast.

For top of the line new construction roofing, contact Roofing Rx in Dade City, FL by calling (352) 603-3190 or emailing us at

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