Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Routine roof maintenance keeps roof problems from getting worse and more expensive. By scheduling routine roof inspections you will spot problems schedule them for repairs. At Roofing RX we offer preventative maintenance to help you keep your roof in good repair and your home secure. Here is a snapshot of the things we do to help maintain your roof.

Spotting weak areas:

we inspect the flashings, fascia, soffit, gutters and shingles to spot areas of trouble

Inspecting sagging parts of your roof:

roof sagging is generally the result of long term water damage and can be a structural issue. You may need replacement of shingles, flashing, gutter, and even structural supports of your roof.

Ensuring good run-off and roof drainage:

proper drainage can be an issue for both pitched and flat roofs. We will make certain that your drainage system is not clogged and that no water stands on your roof after a rain.

Evaluation of roof materials:

Depending on the quality of your roof materials they may last a long time or deteriorate quickly in the Florida sun and weather. We evaluate roofing materials and will replace trouble areas.

Leak inspection:

unchecked leaking causes structural rot and damage in your home. We check for signs of leaks and fix the causes before problems multiply.

Debris removal:

A perfect roof can still have problems with debris collects in the gutters or blocks water drainage. We remove debris and maintain good drainage.

Roof repairs as needed:

The cost of replacing a shingle or two or resealing around skylights and chimneys is not very much. The cost of fixing structural damage because these issues were neglected can be substantial.

Roofing Rx offers inspection and roof maintenance services for both commercial buildings and homes. When you sign up for a preventative maintenance program with us you will guarantee the stability and health of your roof for years and years.

For a free estimate for inspection, roof maintenance, or specific roof repairs, contact us at Roofing Rx in Dade City, FL, by calling (352) 603-3190 or emailing us at

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