Roof Overs

Roof Overs

Roof Overs

Can I simply re-roof over my existing shingles or do I need to install a totally new roof? This is a question we commonly get from our clients when their roof is in bad shape. The answer we give you will depend on which route will provide you with a sound roof for a long time at the most economical cost. And, it will depend on Florida state regulations governing when roofs need to be replaced and when roof overs are acceptable.

State of Florida Regulations Regarding Roof Overs

Depending on several factors, regulations of the State of Florida allow for roof overs or mandate total roof replacement. These are the conditions that will require roof replacement instead of roof overs in Florida.

Badly Deteriorated or Water-Soaked Roofs

If your roof fits this description, you cannot simply add roofing materials on top of the existing roof. And, in fact, that would be a bad idea anyway. You need to check out and repair any structural issues and then install a new roof that is not simply covering over existing problems.

Old Roofing Materials with Blisters

This is generally a reason to install a new roof. However, our Roofing Rx crew may be able to scrape down any blisters and nail around any openings. If we can successfully do this then roof overs are acceptable and will provide you with a safe and secure roof.

Two of More Layers of Roofing

If your home was already re-roofed one or more times, State of Florida roofing regulations will not allow roof overs. You may be able to re-roof once but not again and again.

Roof Support Issues

The supporting structure of your roof needs to be able to hold the weight of a new layer of roofing materials. If the additional layer adds too much weight for the underlying support structure, Florida State regulations forbid roof overs.

Roofs Not Amenable to Roof Overs

Roofs with gravel and similar materials are not suitable for roof overs.

For a free inspection to determine if you can do a roof over or need a brand new roof, contact us at Roofing Rx in Dade City, FL, by calling (352) 603-3190 or emailing us at

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